I am interested in the infinite possibilities of site specificity of space aligned with the finiteness of a lined or grid structure. For years I worked three dimensionally in specific locations almost as if I were drawing in the space, allocating forms and material throughout. The gridded constitution of the ledger and lined paper in the most recent work are akin to that of an actual interior space, however here, through graphite and colored pencil I have been able to recreate the given framework and the allocation of objects and forms two dimensionally.

The paper here comes from material I uncovered while cleaning out my childhood home after my mother’s death. The vivid childhood memories of my parents home office held numerous supplies from my mom’s business and father being a CPA. The relic is the site wherein I compose an amalgam of forms and objects, a site as an implement in which to invent things.

Within the paper and its history I enter the page bringing my collection of memorable images, objects and tools creating a poem within. I depend on the structure to abide, creating an autonomous emergence developed from the synergy existing between the invariable line and the hand. Through the infinite possibilities of the grid  I am working congruously within a set of “rules” that are inherent. The lines of the ledger/graph or lined paper become a starting place, and a partner to the images I bring to it, playing off one another.